Client Testimonials


"I have personally known Rob for over 20 years, He is one of Investment Planning Counsel's top Advisor in Canada. He has a proven system for dealing with all of his client's needs and providing stewardship over their assets. I would highly recommend anyone looking for high quality wealth management advice to speak with Rob." - Chris S. Reynolds, CEO, Investment Planning Counsel


"It has been great working with Rob over the last number of years. He is awesome I trust, and someone that I enjoy working with. He has provided me with knowledge and direction to help plan my financial future." - Jayna Hefford, 2018 HHOF Inductee, Commissioner of the CWHL, 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Speaker, University of Toronto Graduate


"Rob's knowledge, expertise, and commitment, has been valuable to our organization and personal finances. Thank you to Rob and everyone at Mowbray Wright Financial." - Lora Bourck, CEO at Artistic Skylight Domes Ltd. 


"Paul took considerable time to help demystify the various aspects of finance so that I am informed in my choices and have a solid plan in place. His passion for finance, commitment to helping clients achieve personal goals is evident and he is a good teacher. I feel optimistic about my financial future now." - Oriana 


"Paul is a caring and trustworthy advisor. His attention to detail, combined with his incredible knowledge, puts you at ease immediately. He has gone above and beyond all expectations, and is a pleasure to work with. He was able to put my retirement numbers into perspective, as well as help map out a game plan to reach all of my financial goals. I highly recommend." - Jeffrey Goal setting journal author, Entrepreneur, Creator


"Rob Wright has been working with my husband and I for 25 years and made many things a reality for us, like homes, travel, retirement planning and saving for our sons' education. He took time to explain the mysteries of financial terminology and took the stress away from knowing whether we's be able to do things we wanted to do when we wanted to do them. We have an awesome life and Rob is partially the responsible for that, seriously! No matter what stage of life you're in you can always benefit from the right "Wright" advice (get it?!). " - Louise Hastie, Project Lead, Training Innovation and Digital Engagement


"Rob has been my financial planner for over 25 years. He has looked after my investment as if they were his own. He is attentive to our needs and he's always been just a phone call away. I would highly recommend Rob to my closest friends with complete confidence that he will look after them just like he looks after me!" - Steve Bratton, Owner at Bratton Scenery and Display Ltd. 


"Paul is highly knowledgeable, professional, and operates from a place of high integrity. I have referred clients, friends and family to Paul and everybody loves him. Highly recommend!" - Demi K, Business Coach, Author, Visionary Entrepreneur


"Paul is an intelligent, thoughtful, and caring individual who understands the personal needs of his clients and works diligently to help them achieve their personal financial goals and achieve financial security. Easy to relate to and fun to work with, Paul is a shining example of an advisor who gives clients the advice they deserve." - Michael K, Group Benefits Specialist


"Rob has played a key role - not only managing my investment successfully - but helping me learn elements of investment/portfolio management along the way - providing continual perspective and insights. He has been incredibly responsive and personable - which to me was key. I appreciate the reliable service and trust I have with Rob and team." - Ania Jakubowski, General Manager 


"I have worked with Rob for several years and have had the opportunity to see his insightful planning and industry knowledge to grow my portfolio. Rob listens to what I want to accomplish and brings the thinking and tools together to get me there. " - Sandra Smith, Marketing Contractor at Kao Brands Co. 


"Rob has managed our financial portfolio for over 15 years. He possesses the three key characteristics we were looking for.... Trust - Honesty - Knowledge. Over the years through the ups and downs in the market, Rob has always had our best interests in mind. It is without reservation or hesitation that I recommend Rob. " - John Boniferro, Team Sales Advisor - Sportfix  


"They understood where I was coming from and where I wanted to go right away. They then developed a plan for my family and I, that made real sense. With their assistance, the implementation of the plan went smoothly and I feel secure in my financial future." - Tom Oldfield, Xerox Canada Director, Supplies, Business Unit


"They took the time to get to know me. Their no-nonsense approach was refreshing and thanks to their commitment, my financial future is right on track." - B. Shanks, Grip Limited, Managing Partne


"I was introduced to Paul Stokes roughly 15 years ago to handle my financial requirements and from the start, I knew he was honest and trustworthy. His philosophies and practices have always provided me with the assurance that my best interest was his main concern. In the years that Paul has been advising me on my financial needs, he has always been thoughtful and insightful with regard to my requirements, rather than his own. His investment suggestions have been sensible and fair, and even in the current challenging conditions, Paul has continued to be driven by a desire to serve my best interests.

"Paul is a friend and a business advisor who I can turn to for any number of matters, and be confident of his understanding. Over the years Paul and I have developed a friendship where discussions on all matters, financial or not, have become candid and honest even if we don’t mesh philosophies. I fully expect Paul to be part of my financial needs for the future moving forward." - John P


"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Justin as my financial advisor. His personal approach and vast market knowledge make it an easy choice when looking for someone to guide you through the financial markets. Always available to chat or meet, you can tell he really does have his clients best interests at heart." - Evan Christensen


"I have known and worked with Justin for three years. When we first met Justin had all the skills of a great financial analyst. Justin possesses an unwillingness to settle for the status quo; he wouldn't even settle for our own firms' word on investments. Wanting to understand for himself how they worked, Justin took a "look under the hood" approach to breaking down investments. He analyzed each of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to determine exactly how they would act and perform for our clients in various market conditions. As our time working together progressed Justin developed an additional skill - one that seems simple but certainly is not easy. It's the skill of being able to listen, understand and question. This is what differentiated Justin from the majority of his peers and competitors. Our clients called him "refreshing from the sea of sameness". It was never about selling a product with Justin. It was always about how he could solve a problem or help with a challenge for our clients. I have been in the financial services industry for 25 years, working across Canada and the United States with thousands of financial advisors. Over the years I've come to understand what makes a truly great advisor, and it's much more than the investments and the financial plan. It's the caring and the passion these great advisors have for their clients and relationships, and truly loving what they do every day. These qualities can take many years to develop and some advisors never fully attain them. Over our three year relationship, I see and have experienced first hand all of these qualities in Justin."   - DJ French


"We have had a fantastic long-standing relationship with Mowbray Wright Financial. Last year Justin became our family’s financial planner and we worked through a complex transition. From day one Justin has had our interests as his first priority. He has tested our assumptions, challenged our priorities, reconfigured our plans in line with our goals resulting in a sound go forward plan that allows us to rest easy.
Justin is thorough, disciplined and passionate about growing his knowledge and our wealth. His energy and enthusiasm have kept us well informed in this uncertain time. Change is never easy but Justin has made it smooth and productive." - D.Thacker