Robert Wright

Senior Financial Consultant

For over 30 years, Rob Wright has been an exceptional financial coach for his clients, helping them set goals, manage their challenges and opportunities, matching their ‘life needs’ to their financial resources. He helps busy entrepreneurs, successful individuals and their families achieve their dreams.

Everyone needs a ‘financial coach’, a trusted advisor to help them set up their ‘game plan’ and measure their progress towards their goals and to hold them accountable to their dreams.

Rob understands the unique challenges facing today’s business owners and has developed a proven method that provides his clients with laser focus on their personal financial planning, helping business owners develop structures and strategies to unlock their wealth from their business.

Rob, with his wife Lori, their daughter Taylor, son Jax and two dogs, live in the country outside of Erin Ontario. Rob believes that you have to find a balance between family, friends, business and your community. As a busy father of four children, Rob has established a reputation as a leader in Rotary and as the past President of the Ontario Basketball Association, a position he held as a volunteer for a decade. Currently, Rob is focussing his attention to Canada Basketball as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, helping them fulfill a dream of a Gold medal at the Olympics for Canada.

When Rob is not in his office or volunteering his time on the basketball court coaching or in a Boardroom, you can find him cruising the Caledon hills on his motorcycle.


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