Paul StokesCFP®

Certified Financial Planner®

Paul began his career in the financial services industry more than 20 years ago at one of the major banks and knew the financial services industry was where he wanted to be.  When the opportunity to work with Mowbray Wright Financial was offered, he recognized quickly it was the perfect place to help make a difference in people's lives.  He has not looked back. 


After achieving the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) in 2005, Paul employs a highly personal approach to financial planning that helps his clients act their way to financial success by using their financial resources in the most efficient way possible.  He helps them understand a family cannot react to their way to financial success and helps them create a plan they can implement and act on it - regardless of the fads or fears of the moment – to achieve the goals they have for themselves and their family.

Using a cautious approach, Paul assists people to protect themselves from life events in the most efficient way and invest in the things that will help achieve goals, such as early retirement or the education of children. 


Paul was the host of a live television show for 2 years, focusing on various financial planning topics.  A lifelong fan of hockey, he just ‘retired’ from his second career of 17 years as a minor hockey referee in the GTHL.  Paul and his wife, Melissa, and their daughters, Abigail and Meredith, are active residents of the Etobicoke community, where they have lived for over 25 years.